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Traction Hobby Cragsman 1:8 Crawler

Artikel-Nr.: CRAGSMAN
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Aluminum Axles

The axle housings come standard in aluminum. The front and rear axles come out of two separate molds (read on to see why). It has plastic lockouts, C-hubs and knuckles which also help reduce the weight of this beast. The C-hub and knuckle design have a 8 degree caster and an impressive 45 degree steering angle.

Open/Lock Diffs

This new version comes standard with metal front and rear independent locking diffs, giving you the flexibility to choose which one to lock just by flicking an independent switch for each diff on the transmitter. This means that there is a switch for each lockable diff, not one switch for both diffs.

Transmission Gear Box, Opposite Direction Output Drive

The transmission gearbox has also had an overhaul. The main transmission gearbox is no longer in the middle of the chassis as it is now moved to the front of the rig with the transfer box being a separate piece. The transfer case has a great feature already built: an opposite direction output drive to help reduce torque twist of this rig. This means the center drivelines now spin in opposite directions. This reduces torque twist to almost non-existence levels. This is the reason why for having two molds for the axles as the bevel gears are in reverse positions.

2-Speed Transmission, 2WD/4WD Selection

The main gearbox also features a two speed transmission for Hi or Low gear selected by turning a knob on the 6-channel transmitter (that is included... Wow! Right?) and on the transfer box it you can go 2WD or 4WD turning a button on the transmitter.

Drivelines, Links and Shocks

The links are made out of 5mm stainless steel with an M4 thread for the ball ends for extra strength; the lower links are also high clearance links. The front drive shafts are CVD and the front and rear drive shafts are made out of hardened steel for extra strength and durability. To help with flexing its wheels it is fitted with some 110mm aluminum adjustable big bore 2 stage coils over shocks.

Wheels & Tires

It comes with a licensed ProComp 2.2 wheel/rim that is molded plastic and is a glue on wheel. The ProComp wheel do not come glued to the tires which you can save the tires for optional beadlocks. The stock tires are soft, which should do well on many different terrains. The size is 135mm X 56mm 2.2, licensed Mark Ma tire with an aggressive tread pattern for better traction and performance.

Body & Accessories

The body is aggressive looking and the scale is superb. The body is made out of lexan and is lightweight. It includes a plastic roll cage and give you the open top option. The wide body fenders are plastic and comes with adjustable side mirrors. The body is also held on by some magnetic stealth mounts and Velcro so there is no need for body pins or screws to hold the pre-painted body in place. The body comes with all light buckets for the front and rear headlights and taillights. The roof lights also include light buckets. They do not come with LEDs so you will need to add your own set of lights.


It comes with a 6-channel radio system that controls all these new features, including 2WD/4WD option, front and rear open/lock diffs, 2-Speed transmission, steering and throttle.


RTR 1/8 Scale Chassis with Electronics

Wheels and Tires

Lexan Body with Accessories

Decals Sheet

Detailed Instruction Manual


6 Channel Radio


Scale: 1/8

Length: 670mm

Width: 302mm

Height: 305.5mm

Wheelbase: 374mm

Front and Rear Wheel track: 245mm

Minimal Ground Clearance: 43mm

Approach Angle: 63 degree  

Passing Angle: 41 degree

Departure Angle: 52 degree

Wheel Rim: 2.2in (56mm)

Tire: 135mmx56mm for 2.2in (56mm)

Spare wheel: Actual Full Size Wheel


6 or 7 cell NiMH battery or 2s-3s LiPo battery (Maximum size 140x47mm)

AA batteries x4 for the Transmitter


Motor und Regler